Amy adopts a wrong attitude

Remember how Val got the wrong end of the stick when she saw the adoption papers and thought Amy wanted them to adopt her? Well, just like Val, Amy gets the wrong end of the stick. (They could be mother and daughter!) She thinks Val and Pollard know she’s pregnant because they want to discuss the adoption leaflets. But they don’t! Phew! They want to explain to Amy why they don’t think they should adopt her! It would be a comedy of errors if Amy’s life weren’t such a tragedy.

There’s nothing funny about Laurel’s life right now, either. Sandy saw her with Marlon and now he’s convinced they’re having an affair. Laurel denies it, but as they argue Ashley walks in. Aaargh! But he hasn’t heard what they were arguing about. Now Laurel just has to hope that Sandy won’t say anything… And Marlon has to keep Rachel quiet. This non-affair is getting trickier by the day.

Debbie was hoping there would be nothing tricky about finding a bone marrow donor match for Sarah, but the hospital tell her they’ve had no success. Now they have to wait for the mobile testing unit to visit the village. And while they’re waiting, Cameron might as well make some money on a job to Scotland.