Amy and Andy kiss! (VIDEO)

Andy’s been grateful to Amy for the babysitting she’s done for him when Kerry couldn’t (wouldn’t, actually…), but kissing her? What is that, some kind of bonus? No, it’s a silly move that’s made after a night of Kerry at her worst. Kerry and Andy have been to Adam’s 21st birthday party while Amy looked after Sarah and Jack. The idea was that they’d go first then come home and Amy could then party on. But when Kerry gives Adam a lap dance Andy decides to go home alone. Can’t blame him, really. And when Amy hears about her mum’s latest embarrassing moment, she decides to swerve the party. Can’t blame her, really. But kissing?! Blame Amy for starting it and Andy for not stopping it!

Chas blames Debbie for Harry and Dylan’s fear of her – and quite right, too. Debbie’s convinced the kids that Chas is a cold-blooded killer and when angry Chas gets her hands on Debbie – in front of the boys – she looks very scary!

Rodney’s been getting his hands on Georgia, in a gentlemanly manner. Georgia’s very pleased with herself, but Nikhil’s horrified when he finds out. It’s not that it’s Rodney, it’s that it’s a man who’s not his father getting physical with his mother. Nikhil’s going to need to go for a very long run to get his head around this.