Amy and Kathy row over Leah

Amy is coping well looking after baby Leah, much to Kathy’s annoyance. She even pleads with Mike to encourage Amy to take her holiday, but Mike is pleased and proud when his daughter refuses. Later, Amy panics when she can’t find a screaming Leah’s milk and furiously accuses Kathy of hiding the milk to make her look incapable. Sarah arrives home but is annoyed to walk into yet another family row. Amy begs Sarah not to leave her with crazed Kathy and the family start to worry when Kathy loses it.

Craig and Sarah return from their holidays, but Craig feels awkward as Sarah discusses their holiday in front of an uncomfortable John-Paul. Later Craig’s aghast when John-Paul reveals he came dangerously close to outing their affair. John-Paul is fed up but doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to end it with Craig.

Steph’s recovering from her graduation festivities when Elliot arrives with news of his mother’s imminent arrival – he needs a Welsh girlfriend fast. Elliot worries that it wasn’t a good idea making Steph his fake girlfriend when his mum announces the date is set for his wedding.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday August 28*