Amy and Leanne meet on the stairs and an argument ensues about Leanne’s scheming. Later, one of them is involved in a serious accident and the other is floored by a shocking accusation…

Liberty prepares for her gig and Theresa is over the moon when she finally forgives her… Ethan and Will look on shocked as the girls return to normal. When Liberty begins to sing it’s clear Ethan is still smitten.

Later, Ethan is seen chatting intimately to someone but not Theresa! It’s evident as they kiss that Ethan and Liberty are back on but both swear each other to secrecy. Digging himself deeper, Ethan can only keep up his lies for so long.

Bart and Diane come to a head while Sinead lies in hospital…

Also, Duncan and Ricky manage to wangle passes to the spa and enjoying perving for the day before Mandy catches them!

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