Danny berates a tourist for driving her car into a cow, and is stunned to learn that it’s Kriel’s wife, Amy (ex-EastEnder Jessie Wallace). When Danny despairs of his equipment while trying to treat an injured rooikat and says he wishes he had the facilities of an animal hospital, he’s stunned when Kriel suggests they build one.

Out in the bush, Du Plessis finds a majestic white lion and everyone agrees to protect the rare animal by keeping its existence secret. But Caroline breaks the promise, and when the lion goes missing, everyone blames her. Danny is shocked to learn that Kriel took the lion and plans to sell it to fund the new hospital.

Betrayed, Danny wants nothing more to do with Kriel – the deal between Leopard’s Den and Mara is over.

Also, Rosie agrees to tear herself away from caring for the rooikat to go on a date with Max. But when she returns to discover the car had died, she resents him. Later, Max proposes to Rosie. But will she say yes?