Amy Barnes returns to Hollyoaks!

Amy Barnes returns to the village, and she's not alone...

Amy arrives in the village with her dad, Mike Barnes! She’s horrified when Cindy spills the beans about Ste’s Crystal Meth addiction.

Jade politely asks Marnie if she can have her ticket to see astronaut Helen Sharman. The conversation doesn’t go well but Jade’s still armed with the evidence of Marnie and Freddie’s affair. Meanwhile, Ellie suggests to Freddie that they should move in together. Their bubble could be about to burst though when someone posts the photo of Freddie and Marnie kissing to Ellie… Ellie finds the photo but Marnie’s face is smudged and all she can make out is Freddie kissing another woman.

Meanwhile, Freddie and Joe are horrified when they find out the garage has already been sold to a mystery buyer. Elsewhere, Cindy borrows the VW camper van to move stock for The Emporium – will Dirk’s stolen engine be discovered?

Joanne’s delighted when Joe invites her to The Dog, unaware she’s been invited to his and Mercedes’ engagement party. James bets that he can split up John Paul and Scott before Joanne can split up Joe and Mercedes.