Amy bears her baby blues alone

Amy’s been in hospital overnight and Val’s been worried, but not worried enough to phone around the hospitals to see if she’s safe. Val doesn’t know just how worried she should be. Come on, Val, pay close attention to your foster daughter! Better still, give her a cuddle and you might just notice that she’s a bit bigger than she was! Back in Emmerdale Amy is desperate to confide in Val, but can’t. What’s she going to do? She thinks she’s going to give up the baby for adoption, but Belle knows her secret now and Belle doesn’t like that idea at all…

Moira doesn’t like the idea of John taking on more debt to buy a new refrigerator unit, but that doesn’t stop John spending the money. She wants to support her husband, but the reality of their situation scares her – and John sticking his head in the sand scares her, too.

Hazel has financial worries, too. Well, she owes Bob the money for the holiday she took and she has nowhere to live. She wants to live in Dale Head, where Jackson died, but that might not be possible.