Amy begins to take her baby seriously

Mike is very proud of Amy as she begins taking her maternal responsibilities seriously, but Kathy is unhappy at no longer being in charge of baby Leah’s upbringing.

Nursing a terrible hangover, Calvin is facing up to his first day back at work, despite his colleagues worrying he’s not ready. After Leo confides that he’s worried Calvin is not dealing with things, Calvin relents and agrees to take some more time off.

Elsewhere Leo tells Sasha he can’t understand why Calvin is so affected by Clare’s attack and suspects he might be more involved than first thought. Later, Calvin is furious when he realises that even his family are questioning him.

In an effort to disguise the true nature of their relationship from Steph, Jake and Nancy stage a fake argument in front of her. Steph falls for it, but Nancy is peeved when Jake tells her a few too many home truths.

Enjoying having the house to themselves, Melissa and Hannah are annoyed when Gilly turns up and informs them he’ll be staying for a while. As the girls worry he might discover their eating habits, Hannah loses it and tells him he’s not welcome in the house. A shocked Gilly determines to discover what’s wrong with Hannah.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday August 23*