Amy blackmails David!

David has a sneaking suspicion that Victoria knows where Amy is – and he’s right. He follows Victoria and watches her meet Amy at a cafe where she’s managed to get a job. Waiting until Victoria has gone, David then has his own meeting with Amy and asks her to come back to Emmerdale. He tries to say all the right things about how much Val and Pollard care for her, but Amy’s a canny lass and knows David’s also concerned about his reputation as a councillor. This is a money-making opportunity if ever she saw one: David will have to pay her to put things right!

Jai tells Charity he’s not paying her any more. Uh-oh, has she milked this particular cash cow dry already?! No, it’s not that; Jai’s just making her redundant. The barn conversion is finished and he doesn’t need her input any more. Everything at home stays the same; it’s just the business part of their relationship that’s over. Except that doesn’t work for Charity…

Staying drug-free seemed to be working for Holly, but now she seems to be developing a taste for alcohol, returning home legless after a night out with Mia and Roz. Moira’s not a happy mummy.