Amy’s life was not the best when she was 17 (she gave up her baby for adoption, Cain threatened her, Val walked out on her). So when she turned 18 she wished for brighter future. She didn’t wish for a reunion with her mother – but that’s what she gets. On a belated birthday night out with Victoria, Amy gets very friendly with a bloke in a bar – and gets thumped by the bloke’s girlfriend. And that angry girlfriend is Amy’s mother! Whoa! Amy recognises her before she recognises Amy and she tries to walk away. But her mum, Kerry, chases after her. She wants to be back in Amy’s life!

Rhona doesn’t want Marlon to be a part of her new life in New Zealand with Paddy and Leo. Oh no! She’s not going to break his heart all over again! Well…no. When she talks things over with Laurel, she realises how hurt Marlon would be and she can’t do that to him. But if Marlon had a reason to stay in Emmerdale, maybe he wouldn’t want to latch on to Rhona and Paddy’s new life…

Alex has got a new life at Butler’s Farm – with Moira. He needs a place to stay and Moira gives him one – a place to stay, that is… Although she does seem to like having him around.