Amy chucks Michaela out

While Michaela is out partying in the Village, Ste steals 20 quid from Amy’s purse and blames it on Michaela, who returns to the council flat exhausted from a heavy night of drinking and drug-taking. However, she encounters a furious Amy when she arrives home and the girls end up having a huge row over the stolen cash. Amy throws her out on the street, and Michaela is forced to return home to the McQueens where she is greeted with great excitement by Myra, leaving Niall feeling disgruntled and envious.

Summer is still determined to carry out her plan to make Lord Lloyd-Webber listen to her sing. Her patience and determination pay off when she finally sees the music maestro. With OB’s encouragement, the bemused Lord agrees to give her an audition.

Zoe worries that Mike is going to reveal details of their affair when he requests some private time to talk to Sarah and Amy. But Mike stuns the girls by admitting he’s filed for divorce.

Also, hungover and stressed Russ dishes out a detention to Newt and Lauren for disrupting his lesson, and things get worse when Ste steals his wallet at lunchtime.

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