Amy comes clean about Leah

Amy is on edge after Ste’s outburst and when Michaela comes to visit, tries to get rid of her. But Michaela mistakes Amy’s anxious state for concern about Leah’s deteriorating health and later, when she bumps into Sarah and Mike at the shops, informs them that Leah is getting worse. On seeing how distraught her dad is, Amy confesses that Leah doesn’t actually have leukaemia and never did.

Jacqui celebrates her bingo win, but Valerie is determined to get her share of the winnings, and marches round to see Jacqui in Il Gnosh. Jacqui isn’t threatened by Val, but is stunned to arrive home later to find the McQueen home covered in posters claiming the McQueens are thieves. A furious Jacqui declares war on Val.

Gilly surprises Beth by taking her to see their new home – an old camper van. To wind the girls up, the lads lock Mercedes and Beth in the van together, but end up panicking when the handle comes off and they can’t get them out. As she watches the commotion, Michaela is angry to see Beth putting on such a false show of adoration for Gilly and vows to do something about it.

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