Amy confesses (almost) everything!

Amy has a plan: she’s going to get back the jewellery she stole from Val and Pollard, then she’s going to give it to them and confess that she stole it to get money to pay off Jared, who was threatening to tell everyone that Amy slept with his father and wrecked his family. Then she’s going to tell Val and Pollard she’s pregnant and they’re going to wrap their arms around her and tell her they’ll take care of her and the baby. Victoria tells Amy it’s a bad plan, but Amy goes ahead with it. As she begs forgiveness for the robbery, though, Val tells her she’s disgusted. Best not mention the pregnancy then.

Debbie’s too scared to talk about Sarah’s bruises. She desperately wants to believe there’s nothing wrong with her little girl, but the doctor tells her she has to take Sarah to see a specialist. Now Debbie’s worried that there’s something seriously wrong with her daughter.

Laurel’s worried and thrilled at the same time about her feelings for Marlon. She’s happy when he suggests that they run the kids’ club together in half-term. It’s just what Laurel wants: time away from Ashley and all their bickering.