Amy resolves to tell the truth about Leah before things get out of hand. But when faced with her sympathetic dad, Amy finds it hard to tell him that Leah doesn’t have leukaemia. Meanwhile, Ste is so terrified of returning to the detention centre, he decides to run away from Hollyoaks but can’t bring himself to leave Amy and Leah. Later, Mike arrives at the flat desperate to see his granddaughter, but Amy continues Ste’s lie and tells him Leah is sick in hospital. Kris wants to know who John-Paul’s mystery man is but John-Paul keeps quiet. Determined to find out the truth, Kris snatches Kieron’s postcard from John-Paul’s back pocket. He and John-Paul end up having a wrestling match as John-Paul tries to retrieve it. Kieron arrives while they are grappling on the floor, as an awkward John-Paul is left having to explain the situation… Sarah is angry with her dad for spending too much time with Zoe while Leah is sick. Later, when Sarah and Nancy head to The Loft, Sarah is furious to see Zoe out on the town, and demands she keep away from her family. Is Zoe’s relationship with Mike worth the hassle? Also, Newt worries that Lauren wants to have sex. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip