Amy resorts to desperate measures to save her business

Terrified that she's about to loose everything, Amy takes drastic action

Everything goes wrong for Amy when a vengeful Tim splashes a derogatory story about the Wellness centre across the front pages of the paper. With their dreams and reputation in tatters, Steph is convinced it’s the end of the road but Amy has other ideas.

She fudges a cover story, assuring Steph and Jack that she’s got a plan that’ll at least tide them over and later makes a secretive phonecall. Has she decided to return to her former profession as a lingerie cleaner…?

Elsewhere, Hamish continues to try and drive a wedge between Tyler and his brothers and Louise piles the pressure on Hamish to get out of Erinsborough. However, there’s drama when her health suddenly takes a turn for the worse. What exactly has happened to Louise – and is Hamish behind her hospital dash?