Amy feels ashamed

Learning of Amy and Ste’s lie about Leah’s leukaemia, an enraged Frankie and Steph confront her. Later, a distraught Nancy turns up to ask why they lied. Amy tells her that Ste made a big mistake and they’re truly sorry. But, when Nancy leaves, Ste lashes out at Amy and punches her in the stomach, furious she laid the blame on him. Ste is instantly remorseful, but Amy packs her things and leaves taking Leah with her.

John-Paul and Kieron end up pitted against Niall and Myra for The Dog’s quiz night. As Myra regales Niall with stories from her youth, Niall finds himself enjoying his mum’s company and realises they have more things in common than he realised. Meanwhile, John-Paul is dismayed when he is forced to do the quiz forfeit. Kieron helps his friend re-enact the Birdie Dance as the sexual tension grows between them.

Darren’s quiz night goes well when he tricks the punters into spending more money than necessary. But he is dismayed when Frankie pockets the spoils for baby Charlie.

Also, Steph’s plan to prove she can be a great mum goes wrong when Tom takes a dislike to his leprechaun costume.

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