Amy finally sees the real Liam

Paul thinks Steph is behind Jimmy’s disappearance, until Liam reveals he owes a guy fifteen grand, and thinks Jimmy has been taken for ransom. Liam convinces Paul not to go to the police and begs him to pay the cash to get Jimmy back. But when a loan shark insists that he has no idea where Jimmy is, Paul calls the cops. At the police station, Amy finally sees the real Liam.

Susan and Brad brainstorm ideas to save the school but Brad soon discovers that Sue Parker has failed to pass on information to the other committee members and is purposely sabotaging their efforts. Sue and Brad go head to head with Sue, who reveals the truth – she has no interest in saving Erinsborough High from closing down – leaving Sue and Brad stunned by her disloyalty.

When Daniel makes an innocent comment about Jimmy, Steph interprets this as a lack of trust and vents that she’s sick of being treated like a criminal. Later, Kyle is again taken aback by Steph’s odd behaviour and thinks she’s hiding Jimmy.