Mike and Sarah are in complete and utter shock as an agonised Amy prepares to give birth on the kitchen floor. Panicking, Sarah calls an ambulance, but it arrives late and Amy gives birth to a baby girl just as a stunned Kathy arrives home.

Nervous John-Paul and Russ go to the gay club together, but they are followed by curious Myra, Carmel and Mercedes. But Mercedes is horrified when she sees Russ with John-Paul, and furiously confronts him, putting John-Paul’s back up.

Justin drunkenly staggers around the village and manages to upset Clare who warns him not to turn up drunk for his shift later at the Loft. Tony manages to stop Justin from relieving himself in the village fountain but, full of self pity, he refuses to accept Tony’s help. But, later, Justin is grateful when Warren vouches for him at the Loft, and stops nasty Clare from firing him.

Entrepreneurs Max and OB attempt to come up with a great get-rich-quick scheme to make enough cash to send Tom on the expensive school climbing holiday. OB has the bright idea to open a hotdog stand at the school, but Max isn’t too keen.

*Shown on TV3 on Tuesday March 27*