Amy gives birth at home!

Amy prepares for the Prom with Michaela and Sasha but sends the girls ahead of her when she misplaces Leah’s favourite toy for the childminder. Ste calls on Amy and both are in shock when Amy’s waters break! Ste realises that the baby is well on its way and he calls Natty’s friend Daniel and his nurse wife Abi. Abi helps Amy deliver a healthy boy and Amy and Ste look in awe at their newborn son.

Meanwhile, Josh is having fun at the Prom while he waits for Amy and he’s stunned when he hears that Amy’s gone into labour. The enormity of the responsibility he faces suddenly hits home and instead of going to Amy’s side he flees into the night…

Kris turns up for the Roy family’s Hindu Ram Navami celebrations. Ash goads Ravi over his relationship with Kris and Ravi decides it’s time to come out to his family. Ravi makes his announcement but is deflated when Bel and Gov say they know he’s gay. They’re stunned, however, when it’s revealed he’s dating flamboyant Kris but Kris feels under pressure and tells Ravi he’s not ready for a serious relationship.

Also, Sarah and Mike reconcile after the birth of Amy’s baby.

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