Amy’s unhappy – but not because the moths appear to have got to her jumper. She has signed the adoption papers for Kyle and now Val’s turned on her. As if Cain’s verbal assaults didn’t make Amy feels worthless enough, now Val’s sharp tongue is cutting deep. Yet Amy’s only done what she thinks is best for her son and she’s done it with a heavy heart. Pollard understands her motives, but Val can’t – or won’t. So, again with a heavy heart, Amy tells them she’s moving out and going to live with David.

There’s no happiness in Debbie’s house, either. Desperate to protect her sick daughter, Debbie refuses to let her go on a school trip. Not wanting to go on the trip, Jacob pretends he’s sick – and then sneaks off for a play date with Sarah. Panic stations! Then the kids come back covered in mud and Debbie lashes out Alicia. It’s all her fault! Sarah could have been hurt. Alicia’s hurt, Jacob’s fed up, Sarah’s upset, Debbie’s angry – and Andy feels rejected when Cameron comes home and Debbie turns to him.

Rodney feels desperate. He’s out of work (now that’s something that doesn’t happen very often in Emmerdale!) and wants to sell his car. But maybe he should keep it in case he needs to make a quick getaway…