Amy goes on a date!

Will Amy find romance?

Amy is getting ready for her date with her online beau when David tells her there has been a mix up and her date thinks she’s Elly. Amy is upset by David’s confession and decides not to go on the date. David talks Amy round, however, and convinces her to go and meet her date, Danny. Amy agrees to go on one condition: that Elly goes with her. Will that be a good idea?

Meanwhile, Mark returns from South Africa and his first instinct is to protect Tyler. Mark and Aaron both do their best to shield their baby brother from Mishti’s questions and she eventually comes to the conclusion that Tyler is acting out of character due to guilt not grief. Mishti tracks down Gary and Sheila and questions them about their dubious alibis and her pressure results in the mother and son duo heading off to the police station…

Also, Aaron gets a surprise text from his ex-Rory – but will he tell David that he has been in touch with his ex?