*First episode*

Unable to keep away from Kyle, Amy comes up with another ruse to get near the son she gave up for adoption. Looking after Jack for the day, she heads off to join in with Kyle’s toddler group. But Kyle’s gran Joanie recognises her from the funeral and strikes up a conversation, leaving Amy forced to think on her feet!

At Butler’s Farm, Moira’s heard that Adam’s been arrested on suspicion of murder. She can’t believe her son would be capable of such a thing. But she soon has questions to answer herself as the detectives rake over Adam’s connection to Alex – and hers too. The situation looks even bleaker when sniffer dogs unearth Adam’s glove in Sparrows Wood. With that, innocent Adam senses someone is setting him up.

Determined to put off a potential buyer, Kerry comes up with a game plan and decides to trash the house.