Piper and Tyler are enjoying themselves on the boat and discussing their life after Piper finishes school. However, Hamish is keen to take Tyler away from Erinsborough and all that he knows. Hamish sets his plan in motion when he realises Tyler’s job is a big part of why he stays in Erinsborough.

Hamish decides to pay Sheila a visit and she explains that Tyler hasn’t had a smooth ride at the garage. So, that night, Hamish breaks into the garage and tampers with a car but, midway through the sabotage, Piper catches him red-handed and he’s forced to leave before he can finish the job. The following morning Hamish’s actions have tragic consequences for Amy…

Meanwhile, after overhearing Amy’s plan to use Mishti to get in his good books, Leo decides to ask Mishti out on a date to see if she’s working with Amy. Mishti accepts Leo’s offer to go out, unaware of Amy’s plans and that Leo is testing her. How will Mishti react when she finds out that Leo asked her out on a date as a test?

Also, Yashvi can’t help but gush to Dipi about Ben’s performance. Dipi, however, brings her back down to earth when she tells her that Shane’s heading to the Kennedys to give Ben a telling off for the graffiti. Yashvi feels sick when she hears the news and runs off to clear Ben’s name – but will she make it in time?