Brendan and Ste’s world is turned upside down when they walk in to the flat and are shocked to see Amy sitting there! Amy tells them both that she is concerned about her children and when her conversation with Ste gets heated, he grabs her arm, showing signs of the old Ste returning.

Thinking she’s doing the right thing, Mitzeee goes to the police. But later a desperate Carl persuades her that this isn’t the way to get justice and she agrees to follow his evil plan. Mitzeee and Carl put their final preparations in place for tomorrow. In the meantime, Mitzeee has her abortion to think about… She feels a twinge in her stomach and the realisation that she’s pregnant hits her.

On hearing the extent of her investor’s lies, Cheryl tries to find it in her heart to forgive and forget.

Also, the McQueens prepare to do community service but panic when they find out Jacqui has done a bunk to Blackpool and rope Carmel in instead, while Carmel is more excited about future prospects than she’s making out.