It’s back to school for Amy and she tells everyone that she has a new baby sister – not a new daughter. Although Kathy thinks that lying about the baby is helping Amy, Sarah isn’t convinced, but she and Michaela play along with the story to protect Amy. Sarah worries that her sister has learned nothing when she overhears Amy talking about going out to the park after school.

Tom’s photoshoot doesn’t go quite as planned. Scary organiser, Krista, wants to know where Tom’s mum is as the shoot requires the whole family to attend. Distracted by the amount of cash they could earn, Max and OB manage to rope Steph Dean into posing as Tom’s mum. But Krista soon gets suspicious…

Jacqui is under pressure to pay Davey back, but she is horrified when he introduces her to Aleksander, an Albanian, and suggests that she marry him so that he can stay in the country. But when Davey reminds Jacqui of the debt she’s in and begins to make veiled threats against her family, she realises she has little choice in the matter.

Also, Calvin and Louise row over Sasha.

*Screened on TV3 on Monday, April 2*