News spreads of Leanne being in hospital and rumours are rife about Amy putting her there. Things come to a head when Amy is arrested for pushing Leanne down the stairs and Jamil and Lee are caught in the middle.

Ethan starts dating both Theresa and Liberty and, spinning his lies, he persuades both of them to keep it a secret. Both girls remain tight-lipped about their romances and comedy ensues as they persuade each other they love being young, free and single.

As Ethan continues to juggle Liberty and Theresa without either of them knowing, things start to get more complicated, as he struggles to get rid of Liberty before Theresa arrives. But the smooth talking copper lies his way out once again.

Lynsey returns from her hearing and she’s managed to keep her job at the hospital so she and Cheryl go out for celebratory drinks. Despite the amount they drink Lynsey is determined to make her first shift back.

Also, Mercedes is overwhelmed with guilt as she spends the day trying on wedding dresses with Heidi and Myra as the two mums come to loggerheads. Riley books Mercedes in for a private scan on Friday and she can feel the walls caving in on her as she’s running out of time.

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