Amy is in despair over Leah

With no news from the police, desolate Amy despairs over the whereabouts of her daughter. With Sarah and Amy blaming each other for Kathy’s breakdown, Mike has his hands full trying to keep the peace. However, everyone is relieved when Mike receives a call telling him the police have found Kathy and Leah.

After being caught red-handed in Hannah’s room, Gilly is surprised when she and Melissa invite him to spend the evening together. Behind Melissa’s back, he has a heart-to-heart with Hannah, and assumes they are friends again, unaware her nice attitude is all a ploy to keep him onside.

Nancy’s dinner party doesn’t start off very well when she burns the lasagne and she’s forced to order takeaway. Things go from bad to worse when the guests, who clearly hate each other, proceed to get drunk and throw veiled insults at each other. Tony is unhappy at being forced to come to the party as part of Carmel’s charade to present themselves as an item. But when he later finds Carmel upset, it’s clear just how much she means to him.

*Screened on TV3, Friday August 31*