Joanie meets up with Amy and Val for a first visit with Kyle under the new regime. As Val concentrates on building bridges with wary Joanie, Amy focuses on having fun with Kyle. All hell breaks loose, however, when the toddler topples into the river! Amy wastes no time in leaping in to save her son and swims him to safety. As an ambulance is called to the scene, will Kyle be OK?

Knowing he’s scared Edna, Ashley apologises for snapping at her, but the pensioner’s not convinced she’s seen the last of his dark side. Meanwhile, Laurel and Marlon are grateful to have received the divorce papers from Ashley – but thrown when he goes on to suggest he conduct their marriage service!

Paddy and Chas make up and decide to have a fun day out together. But the vet’s not able to forget his troubles for too long as they bump into Rhona! When he refuses to approach his estranged wife, Chas steps in and sends Rhona over to talk to him instead…