Has Amy killed Nick?

Amy's masterplan goes tragically wrong

Gary is desperate to know the contents of Nick’s folder. When Gary confronts Nick about his folder, he acts cagey and doesn’t give anything away. Gary wants to turn to Terese, but she has way too much on her plate. So he confides in Amy, who takes matters into her own hands. Amy puts a plan in place to find out what’s in Nick’s folder but things go tragically wrong…

Gary has an argument with Terese as he doesn’t feel like she values his opinions. Afterwards, he turns to Xanthe; he feels bad for fighting with Terese and he begins to realise he’s putting too much stress on her in her hour of need. Eager to make things up with her, Gary goes to the office to apologise, but there’s a power cut due to a raging storm. In darkness, Gary pours out his heart about her cancer – but how will Terese react?

Also, Paige and Jack come together to discuss Gabe’s christening. Can the parents keep things civil after Paige’s demands led to Jack breaking up with Steph? Meanwhile, Steph tells Sonya that her relationship with Jack would never have worked out. Later, Steph finds herself trapped in a room with Paige due to the storm. Will the pair address their issues with one another?