Amy knows Kerry’s secret

Thanks to Kerry, Amy’s childhood was nothing to write home about. In fact, Amy didn’t have a real home to write to until Pollard and Val took her in. So Amy’s painfully aware of her mother’s failings as a parent. But Kerry insists she has changed and even looked Debbie in the eye a few weeks ago and told her she would always take very good care of Sarah and Jack when Andy had them. The sad truth is, Kerry was fooling herself as well as Andy and Debbie. She never really fooled Amy, though. Now Amy knows Kerry left Sarah and Jack home alone and tells Kerry she’ll tell Andy if Kerry doesn’t.

Steve uses Bernice to fool Nicola into revealing Declan’s business plans. Bernice goes to see Nicola and pours wine down her neck while telling her how clever she is to run Home Farm. Flattery gets Bernice exactly what she wants: Nicola reveals Declan’s bid for some land and Bernice gives Steve the details.

Cameron reveals to Chas that his plans to go to Jersey to look after his sons are off; the boys are coming to him instead. Excellent! Chas is pleased because that means Cameron can stay in Emmerdale, exactly where she wants him – even though he’s as unstable as a house of cards.