Karl rescues Nene when she collapses and promptly develops an infatuation for him. Affected by the heat, she talks about ‘the boy’ but Karl doesn’t realise it’s Jimmy. Meanwhile, Amy learns Jimmy was with Nene – her mum.

When Imogen finds Doug wandering near the lake, he fails to mention that Susan is in trouble. It’s not until Josh asks him where Susan is that they realise she needs help. While Imogen sets off to find her, Josh takes his grandfather to the hospital where he stoically faces his own decline.

Steph and Toadie prepare for the mediation session but Steph’s erratic behaviour worries Toadie. First, she goes on the attack then argues that Charlie should be asked to choose a parent. It’s a self-sabotaging act and Philippa terminates the mediation. Later, in hospital, Steph realises just how badly she’s stuffed things up.

Paul and Terese are kissing when Amy knocks on the door. Later, Paul decides it’s for the best if they stop things progressing further and, although Terese agrees with him, it’s clear that both of them are denying their true feelings.