Amy likes the new-look David!

What do many girls do when they’ve broken up with their boyfriend? They get a new hairstyle. So it looks like David is very in touch with his feminine side when he returns from his one-man honeymoon freshly shorn. He’s washed Leyla right out of his hair – and washed away most of the hair, too! Hey, but he’s looking good – and Amy quickly notices that. Belle, meanwhile, notices Amy noticing David and takes a giant leap to the wrong conclusion: she thinks David is the father of Amy’s baby. Oh, no! Run, David!

Farmer John has his farmhands working overtime for beer money and manages to complete his supermarket order on time. Yay! So why isn’t Moira smiling? Well, living with calamity John – and Holly, and Adam – she’s forgotten how to. And being able to pay Declan on time isn’t all she has to worry about.

Hazel gets the keys to Dale Head and thinks her worries about where she’s going to live are over. Trouble is, her rent has gone up and she can’t afford it. What she needs is a lodger – and first in line to volunteer is Bob. Now there’s an idea… But Hazel’s not sure it’s a good one.