Amy make a shocking discovery

After waking in Tyler’s room, Amy’s caught out on her walk of shame by Kyle and Jimmy. Later, she gets more than she bargained for when Tyler reassures her that nothing untoward happened, only to then tell her she can’t wait for Kyle when he’s obviously moved on. Reluctantly, Amy is about to ask Paul for a huge favour when she makes a shocking discovery – he has the school petition.

Hilary is delighted to finally meet Amy and Jimmy, and to see Daniel again, and warmed by Paul’s declaration about the importance of family, she agrees to work harder to convince her senior citizen cohort to support his plans.

Determined to help Sonya and Toadie, Sheila pushes a little too hard with Nell, which in turn leaves Sonya unable to complete some much needed errands. Taking it on herself to finish the job, Sheila then pushes herself too hard, bringing on a serious health episode – with disastrous consequences.