Amy makes a big call on Victoria and Alex

Victoria’s certainly got Alex’s attention – and she’s enjoying it. But it’s Amy who gets Victoria’s attention when she calls her. Ah, so the little madam is still in the area, then. That would be good news for Val and Pollard but Amy doesn’t want Victoria to say anything to anyone. What she does want is money. Victoria explains the problem to Alex and gets what she can, but it’s not likely to be enough. It doesn’t matter what’s being offered – friendship, a home, security, love – it’s never enough for Amy.

Ever since the accident, Jackson has felt he isn’t enough for Aaron. He tried to let him off the hook months ago, but Aaron wouldn’t leave; he loves Jackson. Things are even more difficult now, though. Jackson wants to die and Aaron wants him to live. So, again, Jackson tries to let Aaron off the hook, telling him it’s over between them. But, again, Aaron insists on standing by his man – no matter what.

Adam wants to keep his new affair with his girlfriend’s mother very much alive, but Ella tells him they have to be careful. So, she hasn’t had enough of him yet – just enough to know she wants more.