Amy makes an effort with Joanie

*First episode*

Trying to get on track with Joanie, Amy invites her and Kyle to dinner with her and Andy. But before she knows it, Val, Pollard, Kerry, Dan and Diane are coming, too. Amy gets in a right flap, especially when Joanie and Kyle pitch up way too early!

Nicola’s fed up when Rodney’s called to the hospital to pick up Jimmy. Despite his wife’s efforts with the company, Jimmy’s feelings haven’t changed. Nicola’s crushed when he tells her she’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.

Unable to resist trying on the engagement ring Marlon’s bought for her, Laurel’s horrified when it gets stuck! The chef, meanwhile, has no idea Laurel has it jammed on her finger and takes the ring being missing as a sign that he shouldn’t propose after all. As for Ashley, he’s not listening when Sandy tries to make him see Laurel’s happy with Marlon.