While Amy begins to reconsider her abortion, Josh bumps into Ste and Justin in the village. When Ste winds him up, Josh reveals he is back together with Amy and he is going to take her to have an abortion today. Stunned, Ste rushes off to beg Amy not to go through with it, and is relieved when Amy admits she’s changed her mind.

A pleased Ste tells Amy he’s a new man and still loves her, but Amy is adamant she is with Josh now, and doesn’t want him in her life. Furious, Ste heads home to trash the flat, violently threatening a shocked Justin…

Still dealing with the news that she could have HIV, Mercedes tells Myra, who is horrified. Myra and Jacqui visit Malachy and Myra accuses him of ruining Mercedes’ life. Meanwhile, Tony asks Mercedes if she could have infected him with HIV when they slept together. Shocked at Tony’s selfishness, Mercedes assures him he has nothing to worry about.

Tina eases in to family life with Russ, but is unsure if he wants a relationship. Later, Tina dolls herself up and flirts with a bemused Russ, but Russ pushes a mortified Tina away, insisting he doesn’t see her like that.

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