Amy is mortified when Steve and Tracy find out what she gets up to behind their backs

Amy finds herself in a sticky situation with Steve and Tracy

Having failed to find Amy at the cinema to pick her up Steve and Tracy do some digging and head to the house party where they find Amy snogging a lad in the kitchen. Amy’s mortified as they drag her out and blames them for taking her phone.

 Sinead heads round to Daniel’s to tell him she wants to try again but is stunned to see him kissing Carla on the doorstep! Devastated she tells Beth who confronts the pair in the Rovers infront of Peter who quietly seethes with envy.

Robert tries to stop Zeedan from drinking but he continues to down whiskey, as he stumbles out of the house Rana and Robert try to get him back inside and he accuses Rana of never loving him.

Sally has it out with Gina about not taking her medication.

[Second episode tonight]