Amy pulls at Adam’s heartstrings (VIDEO)

Adam can’t bring himself to go through with the drug deal after talking to Amy.

With Amy refusing to get out of the car, Adam is forced to drive her to the cemetery where she wants to visit Deirdre’s grave. When Amy thanks him for calling him a good person, Adam has an attack of conscience and phones Ronan to cancel their deal.

When Peter tells Daniel how he regrets not putting his family first over the years, Daniel is given food for thought about his future with Sinead.

Sally celebrates when she gets a code of conduct signed by the building foreman. However will her celebrations be short lived when she sees the Gazette’s interview with Rosie online?

Cathy’s pub crawl with Gemma ends up in embarrassment. A guilty Peter vows not to take any more driving jobs from Chloe. Ken’s sick of hearing bad reports of Adam.

Watch this clip from the episode;