Has Amy ruined her friendship with Elly?

Can Elly forgive and forget?

Amy is mortified by her own actions and how much she has hurt Elly. Amy is desperate to put things rights and make amends with Elly, so she turns to Steph for advice. Meanwhile, Elly has a heart to heart with Mark over Amy’s embarrassing outburst. Elly and Mark agree to be friends – but will the same be said for Elly and Amy?

Meanwhile, Terese is struggling to not check her emails for Lassiters. Meanwhile, Leo looking for a new assistant and both Piper and Chloe apply. Piper makes a good impression at the interview with her positive attitude and abilities, while Chloe’s streetwise nature charms Paul and Leo. So who will Paul and Leo pick for the position?

Also, Sheila is distressed about an upcoming oral exam, fearing she will fail because of her recent memory issues. Gary needs supports from Terese but it’s clear she has other priorities. So when Gary finds Terese and Paul sparring off one another, he gives Terese an ultimatum….