Amy rumbles Rob with Tracy!

Amy returns to the cottage to find Rob and Tracy together

Explaining to Tracy how her face is all over the news Rob implores her to take Amy home, leaving him to go it alone. Meanwhile, Amy phones Steve from a local phone box. Will he garner enough information from her to discover her whereabouts and how will Amy react when she returns to the cottage to find Rob?

Hurt by his recent lack of interest, Eva tells Aidan she won’t be accompanying him to his business lunch. Overhearing, David suggests Aidan takes Maria instead. Maria’s horrified until David quietly points out she can have some fun at Aidan’s expense. At the lunch Maria masquerades as Eva, regaling her audience with hilarious stories about Aidan, who orders her to leave.

Sarah calls at the salon and tells Bethany that while she doesn’t approve of her relationship she will always support her. With Sarah gone, Neil arrives with his mate, Ian. What does he want?