Amy seeks comfort in Harry’s arms?

Harry’s had the hots for Amy since they first met and when she and husband Raf have a major row this week, it’s Harry who’s there to comfort her.

Things are frosty between Amy and Raf when she’s keen to push ahead with another round of IVF, while Raf sees no reason to rush things. When Harry responds to Amy’s obvious distress by using his family connections to pull some strings at the IVF clinic, getting her and Raf shifted to the front of the queue, she’s ecstatic.

But Raf is furious she’s discussed their private life with the colleague he loathes and, when pushed by Amy, he admits he doesn’t feel ready for children. Amy’s distraught at the realisation she may never have kids and, with Raf going off to a conference for the weekend, she drowns her sorrows at Albie’s bar, where Harry finds her. Drunk and at her lowest ebb, Amy reaches out to Harry – and they end up kissing!

Meanwhile, Zosia’s determined to do all she can to forget her disastrous date from last night. But when he turns up on the ward with an awkward ailment, he becomes increasingly impossible to ignore…

Also, Jac gets a shock when a face from her past turns up at Holby.