Amy sees the worst of her mum – again! (VIDEO)

All of Amy’s instincts are screaming at her to run a mile from her mum, Kerry, but her family – David, Pollard and Val – are telling her to go to the hospital. Kerry’s very ill, they tell her, and this could be the last chance for her and her mum to make peace. Reluctantly, Amy gives in and goes to the hospital; she even takes her mum some flowers. But she wants to thrash Kerry with them when she gets there and sees her outside smoking! Amy storms off and, again, Kerry has to chase after her. She begs for a chance to put things right and Amy agrees to listen.

Alex has listened to Moira telling him to make up with Victoria, but he’s not sure what – or who – he wants any more. When Moira gets bad news about an order for the farm, Alex is quick to comfort her. Moira tells him to back off, but she doesn’t look sure about what – or who – she wants, either.

Little Amelia has been sermonising for weeks about being christened and finally gets her way. Dan makes it clear he doesn’t want his little girl to become a God botherer, but he and Ali feel proud – which must be a nice, new sensation for them.

*Second episode*

Kerry has moved from death’s door to the door of the B&B, where Pollard has offered her a room. That’s not what Amy wanted. She listened to what her mother had to say – how she’s always loved her and wants to make things right – and Amy walked away. But at home Val and Pollard can see she’s conflicted and that’s when Pollard has the bright idea of giving Kerry a room at the B&B. Val’s unhappy because she’s scared of losing Amy, but Amy’s not thrilled herself and tells her mum she can stay for one night.

Alex tells Victoria he doesn’t want any more nights – or days – with her; they’re finished. Victoria’s heartbroken, but Alex is sure he’s done the right thing. What does Moira think? Oh, she’s struggling with all sorts of feelings!

David has been struggling ever since Alicia went to prison. Jacob’s not the problem; he loves the lad and Jacob’s his number one fan. Priya has noticed how close they are and tells David she thinks it’s great. That’s all it takes from her for David to tell her everything – how his marriage to Alicia is a sham, but that Alicia is really in love with him. Now Priya is seeing David in a whole new light…