Amy is horrified when she wakes up and is forced to face the consequences of the night before. She has a sore head and a naked Dodger next to her, and it looks like it’s her turn to grovel. Lee turns up to beg for another chance while Dodger is hiding in the wardrobe! Panicked, Amy agrees and ushers him out for a celebratory breakfast.

Lynsey’s suspicions are roused when she learns of Silas’s involvement in the press conference and she tries to confide in Cheryl.

Her words of warning fall on deaf ears though and Lynsey is left panicked and concerned for Texas’s safety. She’s frustrated when she can’t make anyone, including Ethan, see that Silas should be a suspect.

Also, Mercedes and Riley go for their scan while Carmel is worried that she’s growing apart from her sister. She is determined to do something about it and organizes a baby shower for Mercedes.