Having got her mitts on Dan’s van, Kerry’s at the wheel as Amy snatches Kyle from the community centre! Meanwhile, Val and Pollard are congratulating themselves on getting Amy back on track when they notice the B&B’s safe is totally empty. And when Rodney realises the teenager has sold him stolen goods, Amy’s escape route starts to unravel.

In the spirit of getting back to normal, Marlon and Laurel have Rhona and Paddy over. As the foursome try to pretend everything is OK, the occasion falls apart as Laurel opens a letter from the court and finds out she’s been charged with assaulting carjacker Ross.

Though the Bishop has expressed his doubts about Ashley returning to work for the church, the former vicar is determined and tells Edna and Sandy he’s preparing his application. Meanwhile, Chas agrees to let Ashley work back at the pub.