Amy spies Tony and Liz kissing!

When Tony finds Liz in the Rovers’ back room he turns on the charm and as they kiss passionately a shocked Amy catches a glimpse. Later, Michelle tells Liz that seeing Tony around the pub has sent Steve into a tailspin and he’s gone off to visit Andy.

As Gail excitedly plans her party to show off her new annexe, Kylie tells David they’ll literally be dancing on Callum’s grave and she sniffs the carpet, convinced she can smell his rotting corpse. David tells her she’s imagining things, pointing out that if they hadn’t buried Callum’s body, she’d be in prison.

Tracy arrives home to find Nessa and Ken getting cosy and accuses Ken of showing no respect to Deirdre. He’s then forced to rethink his relationship with Nessa when he realises Emily and Rita disapprove too.

Erica starts work in the corner shop, but Mary’s frosty towards her. When Hope asks if Santa could make her well again, Tyrone tells Fiz his plans to turn the street into Lapland to give her a Christmas to remember.