Amy’s reluctant to see her children and when she tells Ste that she’s working at The Loft, he tells her the kids don’t even know who she is anymore. Sasha seems concerned when Amy arrives at The Loft and when she notices her having another glass of wine, she warns her not to drink anymore. Amy storms out.

Mike’s feeling guilty about making a pass at Zoe and continues to drink, while Lydia tries to persuade him to stay away from her. Lydia willingly takes the pressure off Amy telling her that she will sort the situation out. Zoe’s afraid when Lydia turns up at her door crying and asking her to move in with them. Zoe’s horrified and tells her to get out.

Carmel and Dominic walk through the park on patrol, she shares some of the horrors of the job with him, determined to put him off. When they spot Ste and the children playing football next to a ‘No Ball Games’ sign, Carmel tells him to move along.

When Dominic joins Ste and the kids in their game of football, Carmel issues both of them with a fine. But Dominic gets his revenge when he realises that Myra must be tampering with the electricity, to pay for her Christmas lights.

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