Amy gets drunk at Josh’s party and makes a fool of herself to get his attention. And when Josh attempts to help, Amy ends up trying to seduce him, leaving him feeling uncomfortable when he rejects her. Amy runs home where she gets an earful from Sarah for coming home drunk and neglecting baby Leah.

Jacqui gives Aleksander the cold shoulder, although she’s forced to act all lovey dovey when the rest of the family are around. Carmel starts asking Jacqui questions about her upcoming wedding, and promises to organise a lavish affair for her, leaving Jacqui riddled with guilt.

Elsewhere, Zak and Gilly are perfecting their stripping skills for the contest at The Loft. But things begin to go wrong when Rhys films their none-too-impressive act on his mobile phone and threatens to splash the footage over the net.

Later, Zak and Gilly give everyone a demonstration of their moves at the SU bar, but their performance ends in disaster. Faced with ridicule from Rhys and Russ, Zak and Gilly get their own back when they tell Warren that Rhys and Russ fancy a go at this stripping lark themselves…

Also, Justin is in trouble with Clare when he arrives late for work and his day gets worse when Russ tells him a few home truths.

*Screened on TV3 on Thursday, April 5*