Amy still can’t make the colour of her neck match the colour of her face, but she’s starting to put two and two together about Pollard and Brenda – and getting the right answer. She’s heard noises coming from one of the bedrooms in the B&B and complains about it in front of Brenda – who was making the noises, with Pollard! Amy doesn’t realise this, but David does.

Amy is getting more suspicious, though, and talks to Victoria about Brenda’s “friendship” with Pollard. Meanwhile, Brenda can’t keep her hands off her new friend and they’re soon making noises in a bedroom again!

Laurel’s starting to get suspicious, too, but not about Brenda and Pollard. Gabby has told Laurel that Ashley pushed Sandy over! He did what??? Before Laurel can get any more details from the little girl, Ashley walks in and Gabby closes down. Laurel tries to talk to Sandy, but he closes down, too. Sandy doesn’t have to say anything, though… the tears running down his cheeks tell Laurel that something is seriously wrong.

Katie’s behaviour tells Megan that she’s not after Declan’s money (which is just as well as he’s cash poor right now). And Katie herself tells Declan he can have another chance – but he’d better not blow it.