Ste lies to Amy that his bruised ribs were caused by a punter in Chez Chez, and after much persuasion she believes him. But when Brendan’s story about how Ste hurt himself doesn’t tally up, Amy’s left suspicious.

Nancy’s horrified to discover from India that her article about Mitzeee has been edited unfavourably by the newspaper. She hopes Mitzeee will understand, but the wannabe glamour model is livid. Brendan is forced to intervene when Nancy and Mitzeee go head to head in the village. But Mitzeee sets about trying to turn the publicity to her advantage.

Jasmine’s horrified to discover pictures of ‘Jason’ on the night Bart was stabbed plastered over the village as part of a police enquiry. Anita begs Bart to talk to Jasmine after she fails to convince him herself. Won round, Bart lets Jasmine into the house, but they’re interrupted by the arrival of the police.

Also; Steph’s less impressed by Lee’s camera skills as they watch back footage from her film. But when Steph discovers Lee’s lack of excitement about his upcoming nuptials to Leanne directly links to his feelings for Amy, all film plans are shunted aside. Gilly sternly warns Steph to keep it to herself.

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