Oh, dear. As much as Amy rages about her mum Kerry’s many, many failings, she can’t help but sometimes show that she’s her mother’s daughter… Amy’s determined to score when a football team books in to the B&B and she has no shame as she snogs one of the players in the pub. But Amy’s not really looking for a good time. She wants Andy to see what he’s missing – and he can hardly miss Amy’s lip-locking. Kerry sees it, too, and it’s a proud moment for her.

But it’s not Amy locking lips with a footballer that everyone’s talking about. The hot gossip in the pub – and everywhere else in the village – is the identity of Rachel’s son’s daddy. It’s something that’s being energetically discussed in the Sharma household, too. Nikhil’s the last to find out (well, except for Georgia – she hasn’t heard the happy news yet) and is not impressed. Which is a bit odd; you would think neat freak Nikhil would be happy to have a cleaner in the family…

You wouldn’t expect Cameron to be happy that Steve now owns the land where he buried Alex’s body – and he’s not. Cameron’s in a complete panic as he has heard that Steve’s planning to develop the land – and that will mean digging it up.